The Music Has Never Died

It was yesterday….maybe…or maybe

the day before

I can’t remember

But I know once upon a time I danced

The music still moves inside me

And I still feel joy…

I still feel joy

I still feel joy

Even though my speech is halting

Even though I fall down

Again and again

I fall down…

But I always get up

And say it’s okay…

‘Cause I still feel joy

I still feel joy

I still feel joy

It was yesterday…maybe…or maybe

the day before

I danced

And the music

has never died inside me.

Phyllis Weeks Rogers


  1. We should dance more …even at our advanced age. This and “Dirty Dancing” are two of my faves Of course growing up Southern Baptist this was frowned on but my 9th grade gym teacher once said I would make a good dancer. I did enjoy it but never took any kind of lessons.

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    1. Ahh, yes! Our next door neighbors were Baptist. We were Methodists. So I never really quite understood the thing about dancing and the teaching that it was wrong. Of course, I understand if there are true exaggerated sexually suggestive demonstrative public displays; we probably better avoid those places which promote that behavior.

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