Little Red

He sits on my lap and rests his head

on the desk between me and the keyboard

with an occasional groan of discomfort

while maintaining a position

keeping him from losing balance

and slipping away from the perfect

place between my two arms

as my feet change positions to help him balance

and me type comfortably at the same time

filing away a memory when he owned me silently

not yapping the little dog boss theme

but more a loving sweet

stretched out hug of satisfaction

that instills in me the memory

fourteen years ago when he was born

on a cold November night

along with his three brothers

all so small and blind

hunting to latch onto their mother

meanwhile I watched in amazement

never thinking of saying goodbye soon

because we buried one of his brothers last year

and my heart broke as Lucky took part of it with him

and his gimp when he ran keeps me seeing him run

among the green meadows beyond heaven’s gates

so here and now I soak in the love

that will remind me my Little Red

owned my heart as much when he was here

***Sadly, we lost Little Red on April 28, 2023 in the early hours of the morning. We are forever grateful for his wonderful companionship and love. The Lord knows my broken heart and understands I know the terms of endearment and welcome the tears today and the joyful memories tomorrow.



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