About “Scripture for Today”

I started writing “Scripture for Today” a few months ago when I found I was wandering in the desert in my mind because of a series of satanical attacks camouflaged as health issues. I can describe my mental state as confused, yet my Spiritual state was (is) strong. My physical state has been a seeming endless slide into decline that is the catalyst to my confusion and strength at the same time.

The peak and intensity of my physical dilemmas arrived with the New Year around December 30th and the violence of extreme vertigo lasted six weeks total. I felt suspended on a thread from heaven. It was the only thing keeping me alive in my mind. It took a great toll on my system. So much so, I underwent a cardiac cath and stent placement on January 18. That increased my number of stents to three, but my mental state was unchanged from the improved circulation.

To me the true way to seek God is through His Word. As long as I was able to sit in front of the computer, ask the Lord for a scripture, then copy it from the Holy Bible, word for word, with focused attention on its true meaning and how it applied to my life that day, I could make it through and claim victory over Satan trying to keep me down; rob my joy; and make me sicker.

I also have a devotional journal which has scriptures each day. In it I record a written discourse of my thoughts with Jesus. The Holy Spirit in turn provides Him with instructions to give to me, throughout my day, to ensure the swimming in my head can only slow me down, not overcome me with fear, worry, or defeat.

I’m not asking the Lord to remove the mental frailty of confusion because it is a great way to keep me dependent on Him. I only ask He helps me continue to focus on Him through His word and the “Scripture for Today” in order for me continue to do more of His will and less of mine and none of Satan’s.


  1. Dear sister thank you for your heartfelt testimony, it is an encouragement to me. I too struggle with health issues, physical pain and brain injury. I have periods of okay and periods of difficulty, during which I need to lean more on others and especially on God and His Word. Thus your shared battle shows me that I am not alone. May God bless you and your family.


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